Precious Moments

Precious moments,
Those good moments,
Those times,
Kindness, to come,
A good day to come,
All better,
Through those precious moments,
Those times.

Smallest moments,
The times, where the calm comes.
Calm to a troubled mind,
Calm to a living day.

The precious moments,
Occasional, nice
Those precious moments.


Feeling a lot better, seeing my best friend has helped totally. Feeling calmer, more able to do work, everything is better, will get better. Need to stop overthinking.

Life – My Obsession with Rick and Morty

Life is sad, my question a few poems ago, is it better to be happy with a lie? Or sad with the truth. A point encapsulated with Rick and Morty.

Rick, the genius, or the God. Knows everything, can do everything and is the “most intelligent being in the universe”, and some may think this offers, happiness, power, fulfilment. It does not. Being able to do anything takes away any fulfillment in the endless universe where everything is ordinary. Happiness is gone, as he knows of his futile and meaningless existence. Yes he is powerful, he can do anything, however what is the meaning of this? When nothing matters in the end.

Another main character to mention is Jerry, the saddest character in the show, agreed by most fans to be stupid, pathetic, sad, good-hearted but useless and stupid. He is happy at the most mundane things, in one episode a very poorly-run simulation running at 3% power is enough to make his “life complete” and be the best thing that ever happened to him despite being clearly a simulation and not ‘reality’. He is happy, he lives happy, in ignorance, of everything.

Existential philosophers talk about existence, and existentialism, talking of universal meaningless and sadness that comes with it, but talk of ‘making your own meaning’, basically a lie to keep one comfort. Much like a factory-farmed chicken, keeps a hope for escape, even as its head is placed on the block.

An existential question, is there a way to ‘live in the truth’ which is something 7-year-old me promised to always do, but, how? When life is split into a dichotomy of truth with complete sadness or a false lie.

Bring The Pain

Bring the pain,
Running through my veins,
The silent screams that life brings.
The crumbling of everything into dust and dirt.

The emptiness, helpful,
Empty heart, soul, mind.
Filled with rage to fight existence.
A pain, embraced,
To remember.
The emptiness, held,
to stop the pain.

Bring the pain to hurt me,
Bring it all.
I’ve all had it and more.
When existence is a torrent of screaming,
There is nothing more to feel,
The burning alive, life entails.
Rage till burnt out,
Waiting to crush my existence.

The mind formulated,
A self-torture of the mind, initiated.
To unfeel the pain,
To only embrace it all,
The empty blackness.
The only truth of the world.

Woke up okay, then not. Don’t totally know why. Feel empty, yet also not. Meeting a friend in a couple of hours, that’s something to look forward to.

All A Lie

All a lie,
A choice, a path, all clear to be seen.
A choice to made made, or lack thereof.

What is a choice that cannot be made?

Emptiness all around,
Fooling yourself to happiness.
The endless existential torture of life.
The game it plays.
Giving nothing, or nothing.
The question of a lie or emptiness.

So much for choice,
What path to take?
The endless question asked.
Everyone, a fool or sad.
Either option, same end.
The trials of life,
Being, living and lying.

All a lie.
In this game of life.

The main conflicts of my thoughts. Trying to feel happy, bring my mood up, know what to do. But, it’s always a lie.

Is it better to lie to yourself and be happy? Or to tell the truth and be relegated to sadness at worst or emptiness at best (?).

The question I’ll be asking myself, have been, always knowing. Stuck between a rock and hard place.

Either choice, neither good.