All A Lie

All a lie,
A choice, a path, all clear to be seen.
A choice to made made, or lack thereof.

What is a choice that cannot be made?

Emptiness all around,
Fooling yourself to happiness.
The endless existential torture of life.
The game it plays.
Giving nothing, or nothing.
The question of a lie or emptiness.

So much for choice,
What path to take?
The endless question asked.
Everyone, a fool or sad.
Either option, same end.
The trials of life,
Being, living and lying.

All a lie.
In this game of life.

The main conflicts of my thoughts. Trying to feel happy, bring my mood up, know what to do. But, it’s always a lie.

Is it better to lie to yourself and be happy? Or to tell the truth and be relegated to sadness at worst or emptiness at best (?).

The question I’ll be asking myself, have been, always knowing. Stuck between a rock and hard place.

Either choice, neither good.

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