Bring The Pain

Bring the pain,
Running through my veins,
The silent screams that life brings.
The crumbling of everything into dust and dirt.

The emptiness, helpful,
Empty heart, soul, mind.
Filled with rage to fight existence.
A pain, embraced,
To remember.
The emptiness, held,
to stop the pain.

Bring the pain to hurt me,
Bring it all.
I’ve all had it and more.
When existence is a torrent of screaming,
There is nothing more to feel,
The burning alive, life entails.
Rage till burnt out,
Waiting to crush my existence.

The mind formulated,
A self-torture of the mind, initiated.
To unfeel the pain,
To only embrace it all,
The empty blackness.
The only truth of the world.

Woke up okay, then not. Don’t totally know why. Feel empty, yet also not. Meeting a friend in a couple of hours, that’s something to look forward to.

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