Lost My Way

Lost my way,
Lost to the darkness,
Broken and lost.
My own prison to torture me.

Shown the way,
Through simple kindness,
Determination to overcome.
To come back.
Stronger and better.

Defiant to the dark void.
Stronger in the face of the horrific.
To better, no matter the setbacks.
Defiant of all that may try to crush me.

To build, form and live.

To strive,
Make anew.
To stand in the face of the demons.
To clutch a life, my own.

To push forth,
To break my chains.
To shape all to live.

To brave the darkest oceans,
Brave the darkest depths,
Those darkest times.

I lost my way,
Lost my life.
From the clutches of evil.
I’ll break through,
Break the chains wrapped around my neck.

To build, move forth,
To claim my life,
From those ashes.
From the ruins I build.

Having lost my way.

Thinking on today, feeling a lot better. Met up with my best friend, who always helps like they’ll never know.

It’s hard, it hurts, but I’ll move on and break free.

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