Those times sweet,
A kind sharing,
Helping, oblivious kindness.
The cutest embarrassed smile,
Smallest chuckle.

A new day,
New time,
Small times all these golden moments.
So sweet.
In their insignificance,
Formation of one of significance.

Smallest beauties that life has to offer,
Those moments,
Stars surrounding me,
Smileing uncontrollably.
Left blissfully thinking.

In place,
Peaceful in my world.
Blissful in my mood.
Kind in my way,
Determined in my path.

The sweetest smile,
Kindest moment,
Nothing yet also not.

Smallest times.
Kindest times.

Sweetest moments.

Thinking haha, my best friend’s helped, put me in a good mood, able to look at things renewed, take pleasure in small golden moments. Some of the smallest things happened today and now are giving me enormous joy.

Today and times hanging out with another friend. Writing listening to happy music.

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