Time For Change

Time for change
This world so bright.
Making the world shine.

Time for change,
To make,
To be,
And to shape.

This one life.
Single chance.

Those mistakes made,
Times formed,
People met,
Those golden friends to hold,
Demons to shed.

The world encapsulated in whole.

Time for a change,
To make a brighter world more bright.
This chance to take.

This place to make.
To take the time by hand,
Grasp and form,
Care and kindness,
My tool,
My company by my side.

All around,
Waiting for the chance,
The chance,
A time for change.

Chatting more to my best friend, made everything better this weekend, and much more to change and we’ve made plans for self-care, help and plans for me to change some things I want. With rewards and incentives to turn my life around, to the way I want it to be.

I’m truly blessed for such a kind human, to call me a friend. Something I never fail to remind them. But they will never know how much I truly mean it, how much I care.

Reminded even more as I’ve been looking through WordPorn quotes that never fail to cause me to think. Had months of images to go through. I have and it’s inspired me further.

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