Inching Closer

Inching closer,
An opening of ears, thought, heart.
A small moment of nothing,
Just getting to know.

Being there,
Simple, unknowig care.
A kindness offered,
Smile there,

Inching closer,
A small chat,
You came over,
Small chat,
Little laugh.
A good time among many.

Yet another in memory,
Enough to shed the darkness away.
To bring the truth into scope.

The moment,
An ask,
A risk, scare and nerves.
Inching closer,
To get to know a friend,
To inch closer to know,
To share.

Writing a bit of a storyesque poem, thinking of something today. Again so casual, nothing, two moments with a friend, each lasting only a minute, but being nice.

Finding the Light

Finding the light,
This open  time,
So much to see, to feel.

Everything come closer,
The image sharp to a crisp.
An awakening,
This feeling.

Waking, from centuries of sleep.
A time, forever, yet also passed.

The times,
Only glimpses of what.
Possibilities for more,
Endless opportunities.

Finding the light where I had lost.
Where it shines its glow,
What more could be found.

Writing this, been an amazing day, good friends, meeting and catching up with lots of friends in the next few weeks, all my work is going well and far ahead. Feeling happier, more motivated, and those sweetest moments seeming more possible, more nice and less of a lie.