Raw Panic

Heart beating,
Barely breathing.
Vision blurred.
Mind running itself into the ground.
Every way I turn,
Mind breaking,
Doors slamming.

My life,
Mind in raw panic.

Death crawling inside.
Mind in circles.

A raw panic, the mind’s end.
Mind crazed.
Hurt and afraid.

Raw panic,
One moment nowhere,
The next being no escape.
Raw panic.

All around,
Raw panic.
Trying to crawl out,
Raw panic.

Very panicked. Going out now and hope that helps a bit, but even then it’s already contributing to the panic, the problem.

Mind swirling, has been for an hour.

But my choice is clear, some decisions to be made.

My best friend would kill me if they knew.

Panic makes you hurt, scared, worried about something you weren’t a moment before.

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