Better Going Forward

Better going forward,
Moment in the fore,

Kindest soul,
Yet also calm,
Also in place.
A time when all is right,
All is okay,
All is good.

This time,
Is good,
A bit worrisome.

It is better going forward.
So much, all better.
Free from many demons that plagued my mind.
Better with general kindness,
My best of friends,
Kindest of moments.

So much to look for,
Look forward,
Move, anticipate and enjoy.

It’s better moving forward,
A path not yet treat.
A path for me.
Forward, better, nicer.

Oh how it is better going forward,
Excitement for what is to some.
Friends, kind, beautiful.
Helping, helped, me.
Now to be okay,

World opening up…
To be…
Better going forward.

Worries of my last post, pretty much evaporated with a single conversation, feeling amazing again, another reminder, of how my mind is my worst enemy. Pushing everything from actuality, into every possible potentiality. So many things have improved recently, feeling infinitely better, in everything, work, socially, my studies, friends, and everything. With my best friend helping, I’m also improving a number of other key areas.

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