Another Day’s Shine

Another day’s shine,
Light of the new,
A bright day, bringing more.

The light shining on high,
Standing there in marvelling at the sight.

The warmth on my skin,
The bright landscape before me.
The lush green leaves,
The many winding paths before me.

All in the waiting,
A step to take,
Poentiality abound.

Time to take that step into the bright day.
Time has come,
This step I take,
Path I make.

Another day’s shine.

Had another really good day, work going well, projects going well, all looking up. An old friend got in touch, organising to meet up, that friend who helped me with the bird we rescued a while back.


Reignite the flame,
A fire deep within,
The warm fire of my core,
To light my path.

Show the way,
A beacon of mine,
From within.
To reignite,
The flame running deep.

The world,
Bright among the midday sun.
The bright warmth.

A new day to come,
Weathering the storm, the winds to come.

This place,
A reigniting of the flame.
Place held dear.
Though the path may be unclear,
To reignite and shine my way,
Find it,
Make it.

Reignite the passion deep within.
The world brought whole.
The rumble as the path shakes clear.

The world,
My time.
A time. To reignite.

Has been a really good and productive day, started off a bit rough, remnants from last night. But seeing colleagues and all nice staff I’m privileged to work with. A lot of work done, a lot of thinking, ending the night watching a series I love, and a series that reminds me of someone completely amazing.

I wasn’t keen on the spin-off from the original I loved as a kid, but the last episode of the first season, got me feeling happy. Nice. And I know totally why this amazing person I know is into it.

Walking The Ruins

Walking the ruins,
The broken soil beneath,
A time, sat in peace, ruminating.
A world set before me,
Looking at,
Before I shed a tear.

The ruins before me.
As I walk a place once familiar,
But not for a while.

Meaning for looking,
Looking for meaning.
The walk,
Observing the ruins;
The sky, earth, and all the surroundings.

In place but that’s just it.
In place but disconnected.
In place and numb to a touch.
As my head pushes and pulls me.
It bends and breaks me.

Walking these ruins not real,
The ruins of my mind.

At peace.
To walk on,
Walk past,
To move until gone.
Walking past the ruins.

Today’s been mixed, changed from good to worried to empty to sad. My own mind’s tracked the mood changes across today, maybe even why, like the cause, but not why as in why is this happening. It would be nice to have a consistent day.

I know why, but not why. Thinking of a continuation tv series from the last one I was watching to lead me to write my last poem. Now thinking of change, abrupt change, total change, worries, thoughts and emotional turmoil.

All I can do is try to pass it for a time, it’ll get better. It has been an okay day, apart from being inside my own mind.

Even now, thinking, many things, the meaning, past, future, condition. All things, a path, or potential.

Time Transcendent

Time transcendent,
Mountains of time,
The smooth river flow.

The past on to the present,

Memories, blazened into my mind.
The heart fixed in place.

A person’s change,
An ever-precious moment, place.

Tranquility, remembrance of the time.
A theme of throughout.

As the time transcendent.
The present in its finite moment,
A present gleaming.

Oh the how.
How the moment may transcendent the physical time of present.
The day of now.

As this time isn’t transcendens,
Its temporary, a measure

Writing this, thinking, just finished a series that I was really a fan of as a kid, remember the feeling, my emotions and the place I saw scenes first when I watched this many years ago.

The tv series a friend got me into recently, a series they remind me of.

Watching it recently, was very eye-opening. The same scenes, vastly different times, vastly different versions of me, having gone through vastly different circumstances. Yet my reaction, my memory, my feelings, all the same.

Such a good series that I’m glad to have visited again. Brings mixed feelings, as a good piece of work always should. It should be able to take you out of your place, put you in another and also put you and your mind into the mind of another.

Off the Path

Off the path.

The light from afar,
In the spotlight of the present,
This path, unfurling before me,
Showing its light.

Lighting the periphery.
Showing the world.

Convincing the theatre of all,
As I want along this path,
Off this path.

Not knowing where I am,
Where I’ve been or come from,
Until I’m nearing the end of this path.

Off this path,
From a time,
To a time,
The journey’s gaze,
My own path,
Off the path.

Writing this, inspired  by an event, one which showed me convincing others of more than I thought capable of, a true path I have always wanted/want to follow, that I convinced  others that I’m already far down the path.

This realisation, can hit at a time, showing you’re on the path, but knocking you, conceptually, off the path. As you look back on it, where you stand, where you are. How you’re in a better circumstance along the path than I myself had thought. I have always wanted to become a lecturer of history, since the end of primary school. Convinced a panel of lecturers that I’m already a PhD student, on a topic I don’t know at all well. Even getting contacts and giving my details. Still feels unreal and undeserved as I really don’t know too much about the topic I was talking about, but apparently I convinced them of it. So that must count for something.

Seen Within Another

Seen within another,

Something so far removed,
Yet also close,
A warm reminder,
All so from afar.

The feeling, voice, story.
A crystalline reminder,
A show from another,
Seein within another.

The image of another,
Reminded of another.

The moment so far gone,
Yet not so.
So near even despite distance.
A junction across locality, temporality.

That time,
When seen within another.

Writing, thinking, those moments you’re doing something, watching something that perfectly reminds you of someone, it’s almost just like being right there with them watching or doing it. Thinking.

For But A Time

Parting ways,
Parting, with the apprehension.
Only for but a time.

Parting ways, for a time.
Those fun times,
Sharing, laughing, smiling.
Soon to part ways,
But only for a time.

The sun shining over that horizon.
For the good times,
To go on.

So much growth,
To achieve,
To stretch in that sun’s warmth.
Even a world away,
But only for but a time.

So much to grow,
To see, to feel.
Staying the same,
Changing for the better.
All a time to keep,
To remember,
To share even when a world apart.

But even then.
Only for but a time.

Writing this, had a really good day, for Uni, work, everything looking up and seeing so many people believing in me, even when I forget to believe in myself.

Writing this, thinking of a time apart, not for a long while, some months away, if, and how it can be. Ideas of change, growth, the sun’s shine. Feeling really good and confident for it all.


A reminder,
Those moments,
Those times lived,
Felling alive in that moment so sweet.

A moment,
Finite, precious, remembered.
Where we shared memories, passions, hopes, so free in that moment.

Oh how it was,
A reminder of the time.
Kindness, those common loves.
Memories from the past.

Of those times.

Small times,
Small in their finite moments,
Seeing your hopes and passions in those moments.
Those moments, hearing it all.
Bringing passion from the past.

Forward into this present.
Hopes, fears, annoyances and triumphs.

That time, unexpected,
Running up to me,
Turning me around.
To catch up,
Smallest moments, before those other times.

A reminder.

A reminder, in time.

Seeing that passion,
Progress and the world built,
Shown in but a moment.

Those times,
That reinvogoration.

The power of the memory,
A small time,
Living in memory.

The Time I Try

To try,
To try through those little actions,
The reason to try,
Times I live.

To make a smile,
I do inside, beaming.
The time I try.
To give my all.
Those smallest of moments,
Of hope.

To be free.
To try my best.
To give my all,
For a smile.

To show kindness,
To be me.
All I can be.

Through those small moments,
Time and time again, I try.

To give my all,
All I can give.
My promise to you.
A promise to me.

Wrote this, a little happy-sad, feeling much better, pondering on this, and many other things…

I was feeling a little sad, then thought back to my ‘life’ so far, thinking of the past years and the situations I’ve been in. It’s a miracle that I’ve made it this far, from primary school, finding close friends, and always find close friends rather than superficial ones, always trying my best to be a kind person. Something I try to continue to this day. Kindness being the trait I truly value most, in myself, and others. There aren’t very many people I can point to for being totally unkind, everyone has their own point of shining, a point of knowledge, help, care, kindness. I mentioned in a previous post thinking I could compile a list of people and how they’ve helped me, I haven’t, but I guess, there always is a list, in my head, memories. Kindness, is something I remember best. I can think all the way back to a teacher in primary school, being kind when I was alone, didn’t think of it this way then, another, helping me through family issues, another being confident in my own work and encouraging me to. Now I think of it, I remember a lot more of the kind acts of people that I thought I did.

My situation studying the International Baccalaureate, total stress, but diligent work, throughout, against all odds, achieveing a grade I’m not totally happy with, but a near-perfect score is difficult to attain. With even the headteacher seeing me regularly at the time the school-building was closed and locked, and encouraging me to ‘work less’, something I’m still told today all too frequently by everyone I know. Haha, times change, but some things don’t.

At the start of university, making friends I don’t have an idea how I did, many good times, and bad, but helped to change me in so many ways. Financial difficulties with no government assistance and having to finance my degree mostly myself with tonnes of support from my family, (who have always believed in me, thinking back to my cousin (many years older than me) once asking me questions, philosophical, historical, political, cultural and many others, he said, “You were always the smart one in the family”, which I shrugged off, but was touching).

Throughout my degree, I worked hard, got a good grade (not as much as I wanted, but very good) somehow managed to finance it, despite, now looking at it, being in a situation stacked totally against me. Not even being able to afford my 2nd and 3rd years or my MA without my job, which I work hard to juggle around everything.

Even to now, trying to manage, juggling everything, not having had a day off from work in over 2 weeks, and not having a day off from Uni work in, well, the last time I remember is back in January. Trying to make everything work, work my hardest, still being totally kind to everyone I meet. Even one work colleague, saying it’s nice to see something good happen to such a nice person as it doesn’t happen often. With my lecturers seeing my effort today, joking, and pointing out the path I’m taking and giving me advice for achieving it.

Feeling much better.

Little Hope

This little hope,
A flame burning bright,
Flickering, yes, but ever-burning.

No matter the cold air rush,
The flame burns on, through,
A little hope.
A hope for what is to come,
A path to take,
A try at giving it all.

A little hope,
A show of faith,
A kindness shown,
To bring me back,
To help me find the path.
To find my path,
To show me to look,
To find what I seek,
What I hope.

This little hope,
A little hope,
An enjoyment to the trials,
Which I’ll overcome.

Looking back,
Those trials I have overcome,
The many,
Always fade to monotony,
But to remember,
What I have done.

Against all odds,
I’ve  given my all,
To claim what wasn’t in sight.
To grab what I could not achieve.
To achieve it.

A little hope,
My guide,
A path for my determination,
To aim my path.
Aim my drive.

This little hope.

Writing this, had a really rough start to today, a rough night last night. Feeling better, good seminars, learnt more, support from my teachers, joking with me, giving jokes and support for the path I want to take, feeling more hopeful. Feeling a lot better. And after this improvement in my day, a kind friend messaged me, nothing much, but wondering if I was free to meet up. I wasn’t, but this message, helped me to see more clearly, helped again, provide hope when I stopped bothering to look. When I gave up, a choice, but also not one.

Feeling a little hopeful.

Thanks to the kind friend, who without knowing anything was being done, has helped me tonnes. Thank you. Hope to see you soon!