Time’s Close

To be at time’s close,
A mark in place,
A locality, held, suspended, in being.

The passing nature of everything,
Being in a moving moment,
Passing relative,
Through marked moments.

To be at time’s close.

Comes a reminder,
Motive, time, feeling.
At the close, stands an opening.

This place,
A new beginning,
My new eyes, sights to greet me.

At time’s close.

Had a tumultuous week. Not been sad, but been feeling empty, luckily most of it I have been okay, been kept busy by work, a lot of work. Kept me from thinking.

Back about a week, things got confusing, hectic, luckily today, things have finally gotten okay, uncertain but okay, something to go through. Hope for. I’ll try. That’s all I can do. So much is going well with everything recently.

It’s looking up.

More of an abstract poem, describing thoughts and feelings of my own into a random abstract mass of collected ideas.