Standing the Edge

Standing at the edge,
Before the drop,
Thoughts running wide.
Pain, always felt inside,

The clear-as-day,
Nothing around,
Standing at the edge,
The many choices of existence.

With many choices, there are also none.
An ever-lasting pain.
Standing at the edge,
Wanting it to end.

For now. I stand.
At the edge, hoping for it to end.

Thinking, when you do something you shouldn’t, you know it’ll hurt, and it does. Pains you, even more than normal, but. Yeah. Existence is great pain, it never changes, unless you choose to lie to yourself. As with all lies, they work, for a time. Being someone who always tries to look for truth, it always leads to pain. Where the only answer is to stand, wait, hope, for it to stop. To get through, knowing it won’t.

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