Feels Cold

Feels cold,
A winter-dark night,
Walking home alone,
Darkness, calming,
A truth of the day.

Or is it?
I cannot tell.
Darkness thrown aside,
My pain taken away,
The pain gone.

I guess the scarring remains,
Lost trust,
People, only good for breaking you.

Feels cold, this winter night.
Wishing the cold wind,
To rock me to sleep,
The cold embrace of life,
Sapping, real,
The cold,
All to be trusted.

Nothing too cold, too dark.
Life shows me all of this.
Let the cold take me,

Just thinking,
In a punishing world,

Feels cold.

This world so unsure,
The dark winter night,
Walking home, pitch blackness,
No care in the world,
Emptiness, like the blackness of the path ahead.
Like the feeling of drifting away,
In the cold wind.

Feels cold.

Writing this feeling a little better, lots of little things have helped. The temporary lie, distraction from the real, from the truth. But distract myself I go, see how long it lasts. Writing this, thinking of before, today, when I came up for the title of this, the feeling for this.