So sweet,
Casual, in time this moment speaks.

With nothing,
But it still means,
It still means.

A moment, offers a reminder,
Of a whole,
A moment,
A time.

A reminder of the whole world,
The smallestings things that bring back the life.
Bring me back to life.

Pulling, into the darkness so slick,
To grasp my hand,
Bringing glimpses,
Forcing the dark to fade


Times, so whole,
More in this time,

Reminded in this time so new,
Of one quite old.
The continuity,
Gain, life and happiness.


Feeling really good, one thing today, made this whole week turn around, maybe longer than a week. What I do know for certain, is what I posted a while ago, about the branching path, the choice, I predicted what each was, as I had walked both. In the last (just had to look it up) 2 weeks, I’ve walked both paths (I can’t honestly believe it’s only 2 weeks, the feelings have made it feel like 4) and both have panned out exactly as I thought, I know, they always do. Now, back to the same choice, I have to make, feeling good right now.

Will put off the choice for now and bask in this happy feeling for a while.

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