Reliving the Moment

A smile of beauty,
Reliving a moment,
Pure, challenging and a reward to behold.

A time in the past,
Left behind but still with me.
A time still in present.

How, the moment, the mind.
Can shine through pooled blue eyes,
A genuine smile,
Clear excitement,
A dance of enthusiasm.

Clear signs,
Bringing a conveyance of meaning.
A conveyance of a moment not lived,
But also have, vicariously.

A time, gone too fast,
Kept and held dear.
Remembered, in essence.

I, as were you,
Reliving the moment,
Reliving the time.
Feeling brought back to the fore.
Thinking back to that time.

Reliving the moment.

Writing this, thinking back on today, a good time today. Thinking of every aspect of the moment, chatting about interests with a friend, about their passions and something from their past.

May sound like nothing but the passioned conversation, the enthusiasm I saw, brought me great happiness, very hard to describe, like seeing a light, seeing life. Seeing them, reliving the moment.

Thinking back on all this, feeling better, writing this all down on my MoodTrack inspired this poem.