Euphoria in the making,
The living,
From some smallest kind words,
An embodiment,
Of life in its greatest and smallest moments,
Life in its importance and ordinariness,
A variety,
But all good,
With euphoria inside.

Never intentional,
But found.
A happy accident.
Out of nowhere, by chance.
A random, but welcome accident.
Something to brighten up my day, week, month.

Such a small thing,
Small time,
Small kindness,
How it means so much,
Helps so much.
Is so much, in being so little.

The contrast of actuality,
Versus the perceived,
A beautiful contrast.
Peaceful transition.
The nicest form.

Oh how I am grateful for these best of moments,
These euphoric of times,
The memory kept,
Maintaining this euphoria,
Within my mind.

Thinking back on a nice catchup with a friend today, really, really happy. Good productive day of work, all started from yesterday and may it go on!

Been writing this on and off for 7 hours, the memory, my mood, for a while has been much better and so good. And when it is other good things just happen.