Chance By Chance

Chance by chance,

One day,
By chance,
In passing,
One opportunity,
A catch-up from nowhere.

Chance out of time,
Context and in this light.
The sunny day passing by,
Promise made,
A smile before off.

Chance by chance.
A random chance,
Time of opportunity in potentiality.

A card at the play,
Chance at the next turn,
The next roll to be found,
What a change, what a chance.

Chance by chance this change is made.
Perseverence made by change,
Change rewarded by chance.
A change for the better.

Better, faster.
A change, a chance, by chance.
To bring another,
Another change, another chance.

A step.
Chance by chance.
One at a time.
Everything shining through the clouded sky,
When given time to shine through,
Awaiting a chance, a change.
A change made,
By chance opportunity,
By choice taken.

Chance by chance.

Such an unbelievably phenomenal day, met a friend I haven’t seen in ages, we passed each other by chance a couple times and I said we should meet up and finally got round to messaging before we went for some sport. Had like a 2 hour catchup.

Talked about so much! Caught up and we’re so surprisingly similar it was kinda scary haha 😂

Was cool and the rest of the day got brighter and my work was more productive with less time. All of this, from a couple of chance occurrences, making a chance occurrence an opportunity with further more.

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