Make Its Worth

To make its worth,
A new day, new time,
A time,
A wondrous re-emergence.
Saving from the cold.

A time,
Unlike another,
Now in the moment,
Its worth made,
Looking back on another.

Sit here thinking,
At peace within the mind,
A turbulent storm,
At peace,
Contemplating meaning,
Contemplating worth.
A question of life,
The question.

To find worth,
Make worth,
Make meaning.

All a game,
Built and shaped.

The infrequent reminder,
A demonstration,
A finding.

Of worth within the noise.
Time within the chaos.
Meaning in the abstract.
Motivation in the emptiness.

All in effort,
To try,
To make its worth.

Writing this, today’s been a good day, not an amazing one like last couple, but good, good because of them, everything going okay, fitting together and being finally good.

Feeling a little happy-sad, happy because today’s been good, sad because the last couple of days were amazing, but happy because those amazing days, make the others all worth it.