Happy Realisation

Sat on this bench,
Sitting here, thinking.

This happy realisation at a message.
A kind happy world opening up.

Fear, doubt and sadness fading away.
Problems I’ll overcome.
No doubt at the path ahead.
The beauty of the world to be seen.

Happy with this realisation.
In this living,
This time of gold.
Staring up into the beauty of the dark night’s sky.
Smiling to myself,

Uncontrollably giddy,
In this happy realisation.
A time like nothing else,
This realisation,
In time, of time, with time.

The start, commencement, a nee start.
A shaking away of all the demons.
One by one,
Stronger and better,
A light ahead,
The end of the tunnel.

Motivation to reach,
Forward to this end,
To climb out,
To feel.

To feel the warm sun on my face,
The warm beauty the sunlight brings,
A new spring,
With its total renewal.

My happy realisation,
This night,
On the bench in the dark,
Looking up, chuckling,
In this happy realisation.
Looking down to my phone,
The message there,

A happy realisation as I look back up.
To see what I’ve always missed.