Those Little Ways

Those little ways,
The little things,
Kind and nice,
Happy and sad.
All at once.
A single, all-encompassing composition.

A convas of totality,
Of thought, feelings and being.
This life of mine,
Confuses me so.
The intricacies of it all.
All the knowledge of the world,
Never enough to feed this confusion,
Mess of emotions,
Those little things,
Without logic,
Without knowledge.

Always thinking,
Both happy and sad,
Thinking through.

I lay on the grass,
In the dark of night.
Looking into the stars,
As they look back.

Laying here,
Thinking as it never stops.
A little happy,
A little sad.
Thinking of these times,
And those little ways.

Until my eyes close,
To meet another day.

Feeling a little sad, not really for any reason. I don’t really know. Had a good day, I know what it is, but it’s only been good today. Until tomorrow. Hope it’s better.

Those moments when you cannot stop thinking.

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