Hanging Back

Hanging back, A little time,

Smaller chatting,
A kind smile,
Nice time.

A small chat,
So much yet so nothing.
An insight, jokes and plans.

Those moments,
That drift by so fast,
Yet feel, like I can stand there for a lifetime.

Hanging back, to help,
To chat, to ask.
To listen.

Time well spent,
Time so pure,
Not used, not wasted.

So mundane, yet valued.

Hanging back.
Letting it be,
Hanging back and letting life lead,
Letting it all work.

Hanging back.

Writing this and the last poems, thinking. Thinking about being, I’m okay, after a sleep, I’m feeling better, hopeful, thinking, and thinking back on some times recently, easily gone but at the same time not.

Fade Into the Distance

Fading into the distance,
I smile, waving bye,
Fading into the distance.
Standing here,
Thinking to myself,

Of all that goes past,
All the good things,
Good times,
All coming and going,
Having an end, before a renewal.

Fading into distance.

Of what has passsd,
What is to be.

Fading into the distance.