A reminder,
Those moments,
Those times lived,
Felling alive in that moment so sweet.

A moment,
Finite, precious, remembered.
Where we shared memories, passions, hopes, so free in that moment.

Oh how it was,
A reminder of the time.
Kindness, those common loves.
Memories from the past.

Of those times.

Small times,
Small in their finite moments,
Seeing your hopes and passions in those moments.
Those moments, hearing it all.
Bringing passion from the past.

Forward into this present.
Hopes, fears, annoyances and triumphs.

That time, unexpected,
Running up to me,
Turning me around.
To catch up,
Smallest moments, before those other times.

A reminder.

A reminder, in time.

Seeing that passion,
Progress and the world built,
Shown in but a moment.

Those times,
That reinvogoration.

The power of the memory,
A small time,
Living in memory.