For But A Time

Parting ways,
Parting, with the apprehension.
Only for but a time.

Parting ways, for a time.
Those fun times,
Sharing, laughing, smiling.
Soon to part ways,
But only for a time.

The sun shining over that horizon.
For the good times,
To go on.

So much growth,
To achieve,
To stretch in that sun’s warmth.
Even a world away,
But only for but a time.

So much to grow,
To see, to feel.
Staying the same,
Changing for the better.
All a time to keep,
To remember,
To share even when a world apart.

But even then.
Only for but a time.

Writing this, had a really good day, for Uni, work, everything looking up and seeing so many people believing in me, even when I forget to believe in myself.

Writing this, thinking of a time apart, not for a long while, some months away, if, and how it can be. Ideas of change, growth, the sun’s shine. Feeling really good and confident for it all.