Off the Path

Off the path.

The light from afar,
In the spotlight of the present,
This path, unfurling before me,
Showing its light.

Lighting the periphery.
Showing the world.

Convincing the theatre of all,
As I want along this path,
Off this path.

Not knowing where I am,
Where I’ve been or come from,
Until I’m nearing the end of this path.

Off this path,
From a time,
To a time,
The journey’s gaze,
My own path,
Off the path.

Writing this, inspired  by an event, one which showed me convincing others of more than I thought capable of, a true path I have always wanted/want to follow, that I convinced  others that I’m already far down the path.

This realisation, can hit at a time, showing you’re on the path, but knocking you, conceptually, off the path. As you look back on it, where you stand, where you are. How you’re in a better circumstance along the path than I myself had thought. I have always wanted to become a lecturer of history, since the end of primary school. Convinced a panel of lecturers that I’m already a PhD student, on a topic I don’t know at all well. Even getting contacts and giving my details. Still feels unreal and undeserved as I really don’t know too much about the topic I was talking about, but apparently I convinced them of it. So that must count for something.

Seen Within Another

Seen within another,

Something so far removed,
Yet also close,
A warm reminder,
All so from afar.

The feeling, voice, story.
A crystalline reminder,
A show from another,
Seein within another.

The image of another,
Reminded of another.

The moment so far gone,
Yet not so.
So near even despite distance.
A junction across locality, temporality.

That time,
When seen within another.

Writing, thinking, those moments you’re doing something, watching something that perfectly reminds you of someone, it’s almost just like being right there with them watching or doing it. Thinking.