Time Transcendent

Time transcendent,
Mountains of time,
The smooth river flow.

The past on to the present,

Memories, blazened into my mind.
The heart fixed in place.

A person’s change,
An ever-precious moment, place.

Tranquility, remembrance of the time.
A theme of throughout.

As the time transcendent.
The present in its finite moment,
A present gleaming.

Oh the how.
How the moment may transcendent the physical time of present.
The day of now.

As this time isn’t transcendens,
Its temporary, a measure

Writing this, thinking, just finished a series that I was really a fan of as a kid, remember the feeling, my emotions and the place I saw scenes first when I watched this many years ago.

The tv series a friend got me into recently, a series they remind me of.

Watching it recently, was very eye-opening. The same scenes, vastly different times, vastly different versions of me, having gone through vastly different circumstances. Yet my reaction, my memory, my feelings, all the same.

Such a good series that I’m glad to have visited again. Brings mixed feelings, as a good piece of work always should. It should be able to take you out of your place, put you in another and also put you and your mind into the mind of another.