Walking The Ruins

Walking the ruins,
The broken soil beneath,
A time, sat in peace, ruminating.
A world set before me,
Looking at,
Before I shed a tear.

The ruins before me.
As I walk a place once familiar,
But not for a while.

Meaning for looking,
Looking for meaning.
The walk,
Observing the ruins;
The sky, earth, and all the surroundings.

In place but that’s just it.
In place but disconnected.
In place and numb to a touch.
As my head pushes and pulls me.
It bends and breaks me.

Walking these ruins not real,
The ruins of my mind.

At peace.
To walk on,
Walk past,
To move until gone.
Walking past the ruins.

Today’s been mixed, changed from good to worried to empty to sad. My own mind’s tracked the mood changes across today, maybe even why, like the cause, but not why as in why is this happening. It would be nice to have a consistent day.

I know why, but not why. Thinking of a continuation tv series from the last one I was watching to lead me to write my last poem. Now thinking of change, abrupt change, total change, worries, thoughts and emotional turmoil.

All I can do is try to pass it for a time, it’ll get better. It has been an okay day, apart from being inside my own mind.

Even now, thinking, many things, the meaning, past, future, condition. All things, a path, or potential.