Reignite the flame,
A fire deep within,
The warm fire of my core,
To light my path.

Show the way,
A beacon of mine,
From within.
To reignite,
The flame running deep.

The world,
Bright among the midday sun.
The bright warmth.

A new day to come,
Weathering the storm, the winds to come.

This place,
A reigniting of the flame.
Place held dear.
Though the path may be unclear,
To reignite and shine my way,
Find it,
Make it.

Reignite the passion deep within.
The world brought whole.
The rumble as the path shakes clear.

The world,
My time.
A time. To reignite.

Has been a really good and productive day, started off a bit rough, remnants from last night. But seeing colleagues and all nice staff I’m privileged to work with. A lot of work done, a lot of thinking, ending the night watching a series I love, and a series that reminds me of someone completely amazing.

I wasn’t keen on the spin-off from the original I loved as a kid, but the last episode of the first season, got me feeling happy. Nice. And I know totally why this amazing person I know is into it.