Times So Close

Times so close,
A world renewed.
The day good and passing.
The world so good,
In this moment and ones to come.

A fire burning within,
Passion and renewal.
Facing down a past so dark.
The shine to be found, found.

Heartfelt with times so close,
A world to be,
A world to make,
A place to make,
To be free,
To be me.

This time,
One so close.
To be.

To face it all.
To make what I can.
To be free and whole.

To shake off the darkness,
To be light and bright,
In the face of it all.

To make the world shine,
My world shine.
In it all.

Those times so close.
Making it through,
Dancing all whole,
A world so made.

Breathing free, whole and me.

Times so close,
Times to be,
And to be me.
Times so close.

Talking to a friend, finished the season of that tv show that reminds me of one when I was a kid haha, a good day off after months of working at work and uni,

Peace in the Night

Peace in the night,
As the stars above,
Shine in their peace,
Their beauty.
The sign of a coming day.

As the sky lights up.
The world,
Dark and bright in its peace.

Of the change,
A finding.
The day looking bright.

A willing night shine,
For those who choose to look.

A light always shining in the peace of night.
Just waiting to be seen.

Peace in the night.
A shine to come.

Writing this after a good, productive, nice day. Work was good, so was my studies and ending the evening with watching the new tv show and chatting to a friend. So nice.