Dance to Know

In this time,
A dance to know,
From afar and so close,
What a time,
Change,movement through time.

As the song plays,
As the world goes,
Time flows, changes and crystallises.

Time grows warm,
To get a chance,
To make that time.
A dance to know,
The world’s embrace.

So many times,
So many things.
A world there waiting.
Knowing myself inside.
A path uncertain yet clear.

A dance to know this world renewed,
To know a better life,
The world so warm.
People so kind.

A dance to know,
All of this goodness,

All left,
A dance,
A dance to know ever-bliss.

So happy, everything going well, work, studies, plans, my mental health and getting to hang out and know a good friend. All is looking up.

Little Song Into the Night

Little song into the night,
Into this peaceful night,
As the wind blows,
Into the night,
So this little song goes.

To see,
to feel,
Thiss little night,
As it goes off,
The wind to take,
Free and away,
Till that new day comes.

The branches swaying,
Time flowing,
The sweet night’s whistling.

As this sweet world goes,
This little song into the night.