Sweet End

As the sweet end goes,
A song until close,
A sweet end,
The song flowing on.

Violin to close,
Once a start,
Then to end.
So strong,
A finality,
As it all comes to close.

A goodbye into the night.
Before a new beginning.

The shine of the moonlight.
The last ray of day,
So much gone,
A world left behind,
Another world to greet,
Another day to meet.
Following from this sweet end.

So much,
All those times,
Such, to remember the start,
When at the final close.

The sweet song sings,
A goodbye before night,
At least before morning light.

From such a sweet end.

Watched the very final episode of this series, a spin off series continuing one I loved from my childhood, it’s been a while since I’ve found a series that bring raw emotions with such simple art style, story, symbolism.

Thinking also of the friend who got me to watch this after having it on my list for years, also in part because I feared it would ruin the first, at first I was very critical, but it improved and now I’m so glad I did.

I’d dedicate this poem to the friend who got me to actually watch the series.

A friend I’ve not known for long.

I wrote this, thinking of the feelings, from the episode, what it means, why the feelings occur. Also thinking about real life, meeting my friend for the first time, times we’ve hung out.

As with almost all my poems, they’re never only about the thing that inspires me to write, but what that brings, what it means, how my mind connects it with the many many, too many other things in life; past, present, future.

Dedicated to a friend I probably won’t know for too much longer unfortunately, so, on many fronts, for many reasons, this poem is about a sweet end.