War of the Mind, Fall of the Feeling

War of the mind,
The fall of feeling.
The world so corrupt and dark,
The mind trying to find the light.
A world of lies and trials.

Breaking the world apart,
Breaking the mind in two.
Tearing everything up.
Uncertainty, the only currency.
The break,
All the lies.
A world, with lies the only offering.

The mind crushed, trying.

A war inside.
Broken times,
Wrecked everything.

The feeling,
To try,
To be lied to.
To wonder and live.
To merely exist.
In a world crushing,
A world at war without its end.
A mind trying to force its way through.

The war inside.
The mind’s janus-side.
Trying to find, see.

The world in all its manifestations.

The world with all against.

Lies and hurt,
All that is known to find me.
The world to crush me.
Lies to be handed to me.

A world of war,
With the mind,
Caught in the middle.
Trying to navigate a path.
Only to end empty,
A fall of feeling,
Emptiness to embrace the hate.
All the world offers.

Not feeling too bad, not as bad as when I wrote the last poem. Sick and tired of many things. People especially, where lies, falsehoods, misdirection, being the common currency, so much so, that it’s spent without awareness. Why are lies the default behaviour of people? Feeling sick and tired of people. Even hating and wanting to be left alone.

Why are people two-faced at best, or narcissistic, self-serving liars at worst.

I guess this is a rant.

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