This remnant,
A piece found,
Unexpected, as I wanted my escape.
Gave up the burden.

Found my will,
Found a place,
Where I can go.

Spending some time,
In the summer sun.

A small remnant found,
When I thought it lost.

To try,
Even when it gets hard.
To, at least give it a try.

Nice day, productive, spent some time with friends in the sun and the local pub for a drink. Saw a friend, a nice one, maybe we’re meeting some time next week hopefully. Quite nice.

When You Feel Like Letting Go

I am here,
Through those moments,
When you feel like letting go.
Those moments, as they’ve faded.
The mind in its torturous state.
Listening to this silence,
Throughout the cold.

Trying to find the feeling.
A world so alien.
Laying awake.
Broken and turning.
Anger and sadness my only greeting.

Rage to be,
My only feeling.
The only one wanted,
To make the feeling pass.

To try and feel something,
Against the cold wind,
Blazing across my face,
In defiance of my sadness,
Yet it is within.

The cold wind only,
Darkness an only greeting.
To this loss of feeling.
Raging against it all.
Trying to find.

Raging across my mind,
Ripped apart,
To defy even though it never works,
When you feel like letting go.

Writing this, thinking, like before, listening to Alone by RED