The Going On

The going on
Path ahead clear,
Yet also not.
A world yet unmade.

Many thoughts and feelings,
Unsure and alien,
A world out there.
Going on.
For its embrace.
For the time to try.

How oh how.
This going on.
Intriguing and precious.
A wonder.

Through which my determination will make whole,
Will make real.

Achieving Promethean feats,
Having done so much,
Yet this path so long,
Going on.
Going on.

Changing so much,
Yet so much, also staying the same.

The going on,
This going on.

Feeling good, a good day, maybe having a date later this week, maybe two? Dunno, quite laughably hopeless with human interaction haha but it’s still worth a try. Really good, lots working out, work going well, Uni going really well, with the latter I feel behind, but it’s because I always want to do more. Having a bibliography over 2 pages long by now for ‘short 5000 word essays, when dissertations have bibliographies that length.

Saw my best friend today at the campus bar, was good, met up after not for so very long, she’s really good, and so am I. That’s good.