Pissed off and need a rant

I’m pissed off, was left with a colleague’s stuff and left waiting for them. Only to find out that they ditched me. Fucking hell! I was helping and left.

Worst it hits me to the core.

It ruined my night, out with mates. Looking forward to this for weeks. Wanted a rare night out with mates I don’t see outside of work very often.

I was left with their shit. My payment for kindness and making sure everyone was okay.

Worst it reminds me of how humans can’t be trusted, how kindness is worth shit, it is paid in disrespect and a lack of consideration.

Took time to go into town to have it all wasted!

Fucking the reward of kindness.

Fucking hell. Inconsiderate behaviour of human beings. And still I agree to drop the shit off at work. Basic kindness when rewarded with a fucking shit on my soul.

Hate caring about humans at this time. Wish them to wallow in their wasteland. Really hurt and hating. Hating being kind when it isn’t deserved. I fall for this and am fucking shown up.

Fucking pissed off to no end. The disrespect. I hate this shit. Never again will I be kind at the cost to myself. Humans can wallow in their own fucking shit. Not if I’m at a cost.

I hate saying this. But I’ve had enough of taking the cost for others’ mistakes for their own shit and inconsiderate nature.