Pick the Path

Picking the path,
A time of many,
So many roads to go,
The times come and go,
All authored and made.
Picked and lived.

Picking this path.
The mind’s changing tune
From the looking back on a time.

Picking this path of mine,
Of my mind.
Or is it a choice.

The time flashing before my mind,
A time of so many,
Time to go and share.

All picked from the sea of the time.

Picking this path of mine.
Of the mind.
Of the time.

Writing this, came up with the name yesterday, thinking at the time about how my mind focuses on a good aspect and makes me happy or a bad one and it makes me sad. Same time, different focus and it all changes my feeling at the time. A good or bad, the feelings from the focus.

Ordinary Perfection

The day as it goes by,
Ordinary perfection,
Just another day,
Another day of light.

Beauty found in the being.
The ordinary world,
Perfection from an ordinary day.

The day comes as it goes,
Beauty in the ordinary,
Perfection in the being.

Sitting, thinking.
At the end.
Of this ordinary day,
One in ordinary perfection.

A day to be found,
As it’s found.
In such an ordinary day.

Writing this, it’s been a really good day. Lot of productive work done, on a really good essay I’m enjoying. On my favourite band, one I love totally; Green Day.

Just watched Ordinary World the film, with the lead singer of Green Day. Currently listening to their song of the same name on repeat.

Thinking about a lot. Too much to say. Happy, thinking.

War of the Mind, Fall of the Feeling

War of the mind,
The fall of feeling.
The world so corrupt and dark,
The mind trying to find the light.
A world of lies and trials.

Breaking the world apart,
Breaking the mind in two.
Tearing everything up.
Uncertainty, the only currency.
The break,
All the lies.
A world, with lies the only offering.

The mind crushed, trying.

A war inside.
Broken times,
Wrecked everything.

The feeling,
To try,
To be lied to.
To wonder and live.
To merely exist.
In a world crushing,
A world at war without its end.
A mind trying to force its way through.

The war inside.
The mind’s janus-side.
Trying to find, see.

The world in all its manifestations.

The world with all against.

Lies and hurt,
All that is known to find me.
The world to crush me.
Lies to be handed to me.

A world of war,
With the mind,
Caught in the middle.
Trying to navigate a path.
Only to end empty,
A fall of feeling,
Emptiness to embrace the hate.
All the world offers.

Not feeling too bad, not as bad as when I wrote the last poem. Sick and tired of many things. People especially, where lies, falsehoods, misdirection, being the common currency, so much so, that it’s spent without awareness. Why are lies the default behaviour of people? Feeling sick and tired of people. Even hating and wanting to be left alone.

Why are people two-faced at best, or narcissistic, self-serving liars at worst.

I guess this is a rant.

Hoping, Trying

Hoping, waiting for a better time,
Everything, a lot better,
All looking up,
Falling into place,
But feeling empty,
Unsure at having lost,
Or maybe this is only a time.

Been hoping and trying,
Against it all,
All the uncertainty and hurt.
Empty against it all,
Just a figure in existence.

A figure hoping,
A figure trying.

Writing this, been a bit empty the last few days, been having nightmares every night for a week, feeling empty overall.

All this, despite everything going well, work, Uni, personal stuff. Haven’t posted recently, haven’t felt in the mood, also been hoping for this to pass but it hasn’t yet. I continue to wait.


The anticipation,
Excitement, waiting on that night.
To be there,
Meet, chat an care.
All that once upon a memory.

Anticipation for the next.
Emotions swelling,
Happiness raring.

Such a feeling of anticipation.
Making the memory bright,
One upon a smile,
Just thinking,
Thinking back to that time before.
So long ago,
Yet remembered as yesterday.

Life singing its song.
The world turning with joy and anticipation.
The sun rises,
The waiting for that bright moment,
To dispel the darkest night.

To dispel the darkest night,
Happy, in anticipation.

Looking Back On A Moment

Looking back on a moment,
A simple time,

A casual occurrence,
Nearly a time that never was,
A change here or there,
The moment would then be gone.

A time in itself,
I remember the moment,
Remember the time,
My thoughts,
My feelings.
Once sad, within my own world.
You the, grabbed me.
We walked on.

My mind totally cleared from the former,
My mind cleared.
Only nice.
Was nice to chat.
Looking back.
To that odd occasion.
Looking back that moment.

Fresh in my mind,
Now as before,
To find such a kind person,
On such an unexpected occasion.

Where we are now,
I think,
As I’m looking back on a moment.

Writing this, a really nice person, we’ve been messaging, just remembering when we hung out, haha was so unexpected. To meet someone there, then, like them.

Those odd moments that make, shape.

Sweet End

As the sweet end goes,
A song until close,
A sweet end,
The song flowing on.

Violin to close,
Once a start,
Then to end.
So strong,
A finality,
As it all comes to close.

A goodbye into the night.
Before a new beginning.

The shine of the moonlight.
The last ray of day,
So much gone,
A world left behind,
Another world to greet,
Another day to meet.
Following from this sweet end.

So much,
All those times,
Such, to remember the start,
When at the final close.

The sweet song sings,
A goodbye before night,
At least before morning light.

From such a sweet end.

Watched the very final episode of this series, a spin off series continuing one I loved from my childhood, it’s been a while since I’ve found a series that bring raw emotions with such simple art style, story, symbolism.

Thinking also of the friend who got me to watch this after having it on my list for years, also in part because I feared it would ruin the first, at first I was very critical, but it improved and now I’m so glad I did.

I’d dedicate this poem to the friend who got me to actually watch the series.

A friend I’ve not known for long.

I wrote this, thinking of the feelings, from the episode, what it means, why the feelings occur. Also thinking about real life, meeting my friend for the first time, times we’ve hung out.

As with almost all my poems, they’re never only about the thing that inspires me to write, but what that brings, what it means, how my mind connects it with the many many, too many other things in life; past, present, future.

Dedicated to a friend I probably won’t know for too much longer unfortunately, so, on many fronts, for many reasons, this poem is about a sweet end.

Dance to Know

In this time,
A dance to know,
From afar and so close,
What a time,
Change,movement through time.

As the song plays,
As the world goes,
Time flows, changes and crystallises.

Time grows warm,
To get a chance,
To make that time.
A dance to know,
The world’s embrace.

So many times,
So many things.
A world there waiting.
Knowing myself inside.
A path uncertain yet clear.

A dance to know this world renewed,
To know a better life,
The world so warm.
People so kind.

A dance to know,
All of this goodness,

All left,
A dance,
A dance to know ever-bliss.

So happy, everything going well, work, studies, plans, my mental health and getting to hang out and know a good friend. All is looking up.

Little Song Into the Night

Little song into the night,
Into this peaceful night,
As the wind blows,
Into the night,
So this little song goes.

To see,
to feel,
Thiss little night,
As it goes off,
The wind to take,
Free and away,
Till that new day comes.

The branches swaying,
Time flowing,
The sweet night’s whistling.

As this sweet world goes,
This little song into the night.

Times So Close

Times so close,
A world renewed.
The day good and passing.
The world so good,
In this moment and ones to come.

A fire burning within,
Passion and renewal.
Facing down a past so dark.
The shine to be found, found.

Heartfelt with times so close,
A world to be,
A world to make,
A place to make,
To be free,
To be me.

This time,
One so close.
To be.

To face it all.
To make what I can.
To be free and whole.

To shake off the darkness,
To be light and bright,
In the face of it all.

To make the world shine,
My world shine.
In it all.

Those times so close.
Making it through,
Dancing all whole,
A world so made.

Breathing free, whole and me.

Times so close,
Times to be,
And to be me.
Times so close.

Talking to a friend, finished the season of that tv show that reminds me of one when I was a kid haha, a good day off after months of working at work and uni,