Warmth Of A Thought

Warmth of a thought,
Hope in the dark.
Mind spinning in that crazy ecstatic feeling.

The memory,
Dancing, laughing,
For all to see.
Lost in my own world.

This warmth of a thought.
Warmth of a time.
Thinking back,
Of the busy day behind.

All that has gone past,
The good to come despite the past.
Those fun, and short-lived moments.
Fleeting moments.
Those similar aspects,
Those familar moments.

Warm moments,
Making it whole,
Making it nice and worthwhile.

Breaking free within this moment,
The music, passions, interest, films and common interests.

Such are these moments,
The warmth of a thought,
The reminder,
Hope for a time,
A place so nice.

This warmth…
Of a thought.

Listening to Antigravity by The Starset, an artist recommended by a really nice friend. Felt a bit off today, went to work and felt a bit better, but still a little off. Feel much better writing this, thinking, feeling really nice right now. Thinking, a rarity. But nice.