Taken Aback

Taken aback,
A chance occurrence,
From nowhere, it finds me,
After I had given up,
It shows me,
Nothingness isn’t the state of the world as it is.
Nothingness is a state of loss,
Of a person harmed,

Ever-trying, never to let go,
To fight back the the dark embrace,
This is it.
This is the light.

Taken aback, after I lost myself,
Let go of the light,
Those times,
Occur, leaving me taken aback.
By the reality occurring.
By the time that happens.

Taken aback, as colour flows back into the world.
As warmth fills my gone-empty heart.

Oh how I’m taken aback,
From this state of emptiness,
Loss, of the world.
A loss, to the world.

But in such the briefest encounter,
Briefest words in such a temporary time,
I feel,
There is more.

There is a warmth,
That once again I can feel.

Those Changes

Those changes,
The times move on,
The world.

Fighting the fade of this memory.
So casual,
Where’s the time gone.
Flowing off.

It’s alright.
Not all is meant to stay,
But it just might.

Through those changes.

Like a sunset, or rise,
The beauty of a time,
Coming once and again,
Never the same, but familiar.

The beauty in the finite snapshot.

This picture capturing the briefest of moments.

How time can fashion those most precious moments,
Fragile and cherished,
Before the change.

Beautiful moments,
Precious before the change.
Those changes.

Had an amazing but tiring day, a good one, ready for another good and nice productive day tomorrow (or today depending on the time).

Writing this poem brought mixed feelings, thinking, my last poem inspired me, one of my most favourite ones, the meaning, memory behind it, feeling, and how much it means to me.

This aims to do the same, written, I have added the last poem to a new section, this memory, the time in my head. As I think, reminisce, and cherish through no matter what things occur.