Peaceful Yet Surreal

Peaceful yet surreal,
A moment still unreal, yet lived.
Can’t believe but remembered.
In the past but cannot comprehend.

This time,
A moment not expected.

A walk back,
My mind racing, yet also numb.

At this moment,

That I cannot believe my eyes.
A peace, kindness, worry, but beauty I have ever known.
A time, so pure, kind.
At peace.

The world’s form,
Motivation in being.

All peaceful, while surreal.
Still unbelievable before my eyes.

In this, it is peaceful, yet surreal.

Amazing day, started really rough, but ended phenomenally. The start was rough, disillusioned, sick and tired of things. Did all the normal routine, helping a friend and they asked me if I wanted to hang out with them. Been wondering for a while, funny, I finally gave up and stopped. It was totally amazing beyond any imagining on my part. Chatted about everything, was good to chat and we taught each other things and shared stories, embarrassing photos and it was all totally amazing. A day to remember, a good one, a nice simple time, to remember to the end of mine. ❤️