With Those Times

With those times.
The fun and the dancing,
Singing along to those songs.

Those times, chatting,
Sharing in kind.
A time for now,
For a time,
Finite time,
But not the last.
Yours and mine.

All those good times,
Those shared interests.

Talking over the past.
True, open and kind.
Shared stories and laughs.
Those times long gone,
Those forming moments.

All gone but true,
True shared and kind.

Those times,
From nothing,
A chance decision,
One upon many,
Making the time.
With those times.

Writing this, thinking back yesterday, to the time, with a friend, the friend I was having that ish-date with? The date didn’t go as planned. A random person we knew tagged along. A nice guy but yeah. Stopped bothering after that, after stuff. And she asked if I wanted to hang out and it seems will be a more regular thing! Haha so happy. She’s going on a year abroad though, will be cool and she’s so looking forward! It’ll be nice! Just have to wait and see!

About the time we hang out haha