Different Perfect Time

Such a time,
One different,
One so perfect.

In its time.
Wonderful beauty.
Such majestic bliss,
Unending in heart.

Bringing back the world.
The beauty of this world.
The flames raging bright.

In this different perfect time.
This night raging with determination.
Of will for all in my life.
This raging light.

A path forming clear.
One step by step.
The whole coming into place.

From this different perfect time.

Had another perfect day, hung out with my friend, another perfect time, singing, dancing, laughing and totally crazy now I think about it.

Got a lot to do with my essays but raging in my heart with sheer determination.

Crazy times, singing and not being afraid, being there with and encouraged, kind, included, taught, sharif interests and it is fully amazing! 😊