Little Meet

That little meet,
The time,
So full, kind,
All those places and times,
Of it all.

The little goodbye,
Parting ways for a short time.
This care, felt, showed and given.
The sharing of those moments,
Of all those times past.

These days so busy and not.
Mind in another place,
But pulled back,
To those times.
To the new in wait.

Short and sweet.
The little meet.

Short and sweet,
Little moment shared.
Those moments relived, together.
The past, feelings,
All encompassed,
Encapsulated, a photo, reminder.

All in time.
Forging a path through it all.
A moment,
Significant in its insignificant time.
Insignificant, but also the making,
Of it,
So significant.

Sweet short time,
That little time,
The messages, lasting past the time.
Shared together,
To make sure the okay.
To bring forth another bright day,
Another nice time,
For the little meet to come.

Not written much in the last few days, or so it seems to me. Been really busy with work which is all going well. These night meets, many, all nice, kind, casual but so meaningful, what is shared. Beautiful times.