Time Before Close

Time before close,
What a time,
A chance.
A time to claim before the close.

Such a time,
Looking what has changed,
What will,
What will last,
And what stays the same.

Been really good, Uni is well and everything is good, after that hand in day everything’s seemed to change, so much is going even better than before when it was good. Most of all, got some things sorted today I’m really looking forward to!! Feeling amazing!

The Rush

The rush,
That feeling,
When those times.
That time.

The times.
The feeling,
From that message,
After so long,
A rush.
The excitement.

A smile burned into my face.
A smile, fondly remembered.
My smile, coming, from a place in the memory.

That message.
So little.
So nice.
Casual and the rush.