Think, Feel, Be

Thinking, feeling, being,
In this place,
So gone and the found too.

So much promise,
In this place,
In these times.

Those moments to.
Oh what we do.
This place is too.

Thinking, this place.
Feeling all those times,
Being in the making.
It’s all in this making,
This feeling,
The stars above,
Jealous of a time so sweet.

The world shouting out,
In this ecstasy.
The beauty of the world,
Of the time,
Those times.

The world above,
Right by my side.

Making it now,
Making it through.
This time, place now,
So right.
All these times.
The ones right by my side.
In mind, place.

A world captured,
In those single moments.

Those sweetest times,
The world feeling so right.
For this very first time.

In this to trust,
To be,
To try.

What a beautiful world so pure,
For just the sweetest time.
Just waiting for that next time.

Simple and casual in place.

The past, present, future.
Made so pure,
In this moment.

The time to shout out.

The past not to define my life.
The time:
To think,
Feel and be.

Caught up by the moment.

Shouting the past down.
To a simple sweet closure.

With all the being,
Dark places left behind.
In this time.

Screaming into that past.
It’s not to define,
What I am.
What I try,
Be, me.

What a beauty.
This place, feeling, thinking, being.

All in place.
Just so right.

Talking to a friend on Moodtrack, was good, helped to get things straight in my own head. A fitting conclusion, to past, present and future. Dedicated to a friend so special, kind and nice.

Writing this, stressful but good day. But this chat and thinking has turned a meh day into one so blissful. Thinking. A closure for much past, darkness and off into this light I go. Able to weather all I want.

A rare time, feeling so right but looking back, putting the darkness to rest. The times to remember.

I am feeling so happy, so pumped, should go to bed now but my mind is racing in sweet bliss. I want… need to write more.

Don’t know if this piece is good, or if I will ever read it again, but the feeling I hope I remember. Don’t like reading back my poems, but this one I really like, or maybe the feeling now, the memories, associations.

Wrote a lot of this listening to some All Time Low, especially Missing You.

Thanks to everyone, everyone in my life, on here. Through all the pain, I’ve found a good place, I see much better, still a ways to go but better, much better.

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