Stay Up For You

Staying up for you,
No matter the distance, or time,
Songs of the night,
Echoing through.

Staying up,
To make sure it’s okay,
Fighting through the night with you.

The night alright,
Waiting up with you.

A world, night all right.
Waiting through the night.

Making sure the night,
Stays bright.
Till what’s needed is right.

Waiting up this night.
A world away,
To make sure,
It’s alright.

For now in this time.
To make the time right.
Through the echoes of the night.

To watch the times past.
The song of the dark,
Lighting up the night.
All the time,
Staying up to make it right.

Trying to be there,
Trying to be free,
To show the echoes,
Of light within the night.

Writing this, was an okay day, mixed towards the end, and alright in the night. Waiting up for a dear friend, to help them out. However I can. Can I help? I do not know, but I know I will try. As I always strive to do.

Wrote this, listening to All Time Low’s Dirty Laundry, Passenger’s Hell or High Water, and Ummet Ozcan’s Change My Heart.

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