Just The Reason Why

Just the reason why,
All old occurrences, differences, change.
A movement from, change,
Place to,
From which I go.

Just the reason why,
This, tried,
A moment in memory.

Just my reason why,
Through my try,
To make feel.

Times been and gone,
Times to come,
All in the waiting.
Waiting in bliss,
Thinking and hoping.

A beauty of life,
Of which to come,
Beauty to be and form.

Beauty to come,
The merest of day,
Simplest of time,
The time to be,
To wait for the morn,

Oh what will wait,
The times to be,
Beauty to hold,
Making of it,

What this reason why.
The beauty of heart.

In the end,
Words cannot capture,
Just the reason why.

Feeling bliss,
Happiness in the dark,
Time of the being.

Just this reason why,
Beauty of being.

Written, after an amazing night out with my workmates, lots of stuff has happened, so much. So good, lots of deep meaningful conversations, and lots going really really really well. The night ending, throughout at times thinking. Of just the reason why.

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