The Off-Shift

The off-shift,
A place of discomfort,
Mind hurting.

Confused, by the own mind’s thinking,
A rough time,
That I know will pass.
A time, I know doesn’t define me.

The off-shift,
From the mind’s equilibrium.
My own mind,
But also stopped in its tracks.

My mind, on its off-shift.
Troubled times,
Will always occasionally return,
Knowing this.

But still,
In the time.

Hope For A Time

The hope for a time,
A temporary feeling,
Knowing of its finite nature.
A quick resolution.

The time to come,
An end nearing,
Mixed feeling,
But life,
Its finite moment.

The time,
Turmoil within the mind.
Breaking from the thoughts,
To live in the life.

Where the possibility taints reality,
The actuality shining away through the maybe.
Oh how the change,
The life, how it, changes.

Moments of being, potential,
Turning into living,
A moment gone so fast,
A blink and its missed,
But always remembered,
Its casual beauty,
Sweetest simplicity.

A sweet song of time,
Timelessness and truth.
Of possibility, fear and courage.

Hope and trials,
Looking into the sunrise,
The orange warmth of light,
The bright new day,
With the close, of the last.

Times, trials,
And on I walk.
To make past,
A reality of change and continuity, familiarity and not.

Oh while this time,
Passes on into time.
I sitting,
Hoping and knowing.
I sit here and smile.

Tear and smile down my cheek,
A remnant of this time,
Shining from the past,
Onto this moment.
With the next still to be formed.
Only a time, to see.
Hope, for a time.

Written listening to Change My Life by Ashes Remain and some Ed Sheeran.

Thinking about a lot, happy but also mixed, so so much has happened recently. It’s so crazy, all amazing, all phenomenal, but still I worry sometimes. It sometimes takes actuality, to show the worries up.

Writing about a lot with this, so much that has happened recently, vague but an attempt at a rambly poem. Aimed to capture the discourse, perception, reality, contrast and brightness, the question and uncertainty, but also hope and feeling.