Ever-Present Thinking

Ever-present thinking,
All the times,
Coming and going,
The broken times,
And all the rest,
Ups and downs to be found.

With it all,
Running free in my mind,
In all these thoughts,
The puzzle to be found,
Ideas and hopes,
Being in all its forms,
While some things continue,

This ever-present thinking,
Keeping me in place,
Forcing me closer.

The times that all has,
A mixed puzzle.
A puzzled time.

The mixed thoughts,
All spinning round,
In my head,
Throwing me off,
Into a mess of thoughts:
Everything under the sun,
Within the mind.

With my mind ticking over,
Stuck in place.

In this ever-present thinking.

Feeling, not much better but less raw panicked state. Bit of a shitty day, for no reason really. But yeah.

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