Time Before Close

Time before close,
What a time,
A chance.
A time to claim before the close.

Such a time,
Looking what has changed,
What will,
What will last,
And what stays the same.

Been really good, Uni is well and everything is good, after that hand in day everything’s seemed to change, so much is going even better than before when it was good. Most of all, got some things sorted today I’m really looking forward to!! Feeling amazing!

The Rush

The rush,
That feeling,
When those times.
That time.

The times.
The feeling,
From that message,
After so long,
A rush.
The excitement.

A smile burned into my face.
A smile, fondly remembered.
My smile, coming, from a place in the memory.

That message.
So little.
So nice.
Casual and the rush.

Little Meet

That little meet,
The time,
So full, kind,
All those places and times,
Of it all.

The little goodbye,
Parting ways for a short time.
This care, felt, showed and given.
The sharing of those moments,
Of all those times past.

These days so busy and not.
Mind in another place,
But pulled back,
To those times.
To the new in wait.

Short and sweet.
The little meet.

Short and sweet,
Little moment shared.
Those moments relived, together.
The past, feelings,
All encompassed,
Encapsulated, a photo, reminder.

All in time.
Forging a path through it all.
A moment,
Significant in its insignificant time.
Insignificant, but also the making,
Of it,
So significant.

Sweet short time,
That little time,
The messages, lasting past the time.
Shared together,
To make sure the okay.
To bring forth another bright day,
Another nice time,
For the little meet to come.

Not written much in the last few days, or so it seems to me. Been really busy with work which is all going well. These night meets, many, all nice, kind, casual but so meaningful, what is shared. Beautiful times.

Different Perfect Time

Such a time,
One different,
One so perfect.

In its time.
Wonderful beauty.
Such majestic bliss,
Unending in heart.

Bringing back the world.
The beauty of this world.
The flames raging bright.

In this different perfect time.
This night raging with determination.
Of will for all in my life.
This raging light.

A path forming clear.
One step by step.
The whole coming into place.

From this different perfect time.

Had another perfect day, hung out with my friend, another perfect time, singing, dancing, laughing and totally crazy now I think about it.

Got a lot to do with my essays but raging in my heart with sheer determination.

Crazy times, singing and not being afraid, being there with and encouraged, kind, included, taught, sharif interests and it is fully amazing! 😊

With Those Times

With those times.
The fun and the dancing,
Singing along to those songs.

Those times, chatting,
Sharing in kind.
A time for now,
For a time,
Finite time,
But not the last.
Yours and mine.

All those good times,
Those shared interests.

Talking over the past.
True, open and kind.
Shared stories and laughs.
Those times long gone,
Those forming moments.

All gone but true,
True shared and kind.

Those times,
From nothing,
A chance decision,
One upon many,
Making the time.
With those times.

Writing this, thinking back yesterday, to the time, with a friend, the friend I was having that ish-date with? The date didn’t go as planned. A random person we knew tagged along. A nice guy but yeah. Stopped bothering after that, after stuff. And she asked if I wanted to hang out and it seems will be a more regular thing! Haha so happy. She’s going on a year abroad though, will be cool and she’s so looking forward! It’ll be nice! Just have to wait and see!

About the time we hang out haha


That feeling lingers,
Giving me strength,
Feeling and kindness to the world.
A world so bright.
A world so kind and beautiful.

As this sun shines over that horizon,
The grass greener by the touch,
The world finding its colour.

A world of difference,
The way the feelings,
memories linger.
Giving strength and warmth.
A warmth of the world.

This fire within,
The breath of flames.
A power within,
A drive to better.
The feeling as the feeling lingers.
The strength, kindness and world fuels me.
Makes me feel strong, able, happy.

As this feeling lingers.
Lingers within me.
Lingers in the life around me.

Peaceful Yet Surreal

Peaceful yet surreal,
A moment still unreal, yet lived.
Can’t believe but remembered.
In the past but cannot comprehend.

This time,
A moment not expected.

A walk back,
My mind racing, yet also numb.

At this moment,

That I cannot believe my eyes.
A peace, kindness, worry, but beauty I have ever known.
A time, so pure, kind.
At peace.

The world’s form,
Motivation in being.

All peaceful, while surreal.
Still unbelievable before my eyes.

In this, it is peaceful, yet surreal.

Amazing day, started really rough, but ended phenomenally. The start was rough, disillusioned, sick and tired of things. Did all the normal routine, helping a friend and they asked me if I wanted to hang out with them. Been wondering for a while, funny, I finally gave up and stopped. It was totally amazing beyond any imagining on my part. Chatted about everything, was good to chat and we taught each other things and shared stories, embarrassing photos and it was all totally amazing. A day to remember, a good one, a nice simple time, to remember to the end of mine. ❤️

Taken Aback

Taken aback,
A chance occurrence,
From nowhere, it finds me,
After I had given up,
It shows me,
Nothingness isn’t the state of the world as it is.
Nothingness is a state of loss,
Of a person harmed,

Ever-trying, never to let go,
To fight back the the dark embrace,
This is it.
This is the light.

Taken aback, after I lost myself,
Let go of the light,
Those times,
Occur, leaving me taken aback.
By the reality occurring.
By the time that happens.

Taken aback, as colour flows back into the world.
As warmth fills my gone-empty heart.

Oh how I’m taken aback,
From this state of emptiness,
Loss, of the world.
A loss, to the world.

But in such the briefest encounter,
Briefest words in such a temporary time,
I feel,
There is more.

There is a warmth,
That once again I can feel.

Those Changes

Those changes,
The times move on,
The world.

Fighting the fade of this memory.
So casual,
Where’s the time gone.
Flowing off.

It’s alright.
Not all is meant to stay,
But it just might.

Through those changes.

Like a sunset, or rise,
The beauty of a time,
Coming once and again,
Never the same, but familiar.

The beauty in the finite snapshot.

This picture capturing the briefest of moments.

How time can fashion those most precious moments,
Fragile and cherished,
Before the change.

Beautiful moments,
Precious before the change.
Those changes.

Had an amazing but tiring day, a good one, ready for another good and nice productive day tomorrow (or today depending on the time).

Writing this poem brought mixed feelings, thinking, my last poem inspired me, one of my most favourite ones, the meaning, memory behind it, feeling, and how much it means to me.

This aims to do the same, written, I have added the last poem to a new section, this memory, the time in my head. As I think, reminisce, and cherish through no matter what things occur.

One Such Chance Encounter

One such encounter,
That far off time,
That such time,
But not far off,
Within my mind.

That kind encounter.
Those times,
That life can bring.

That care.

That far off time
One such encounter,
For but a brief time.

Such was that time.
For the fleeting moment.

The one moment,
Out of my darkness it came.
That such chance.

Fleeting in its momentary state.

That time,
The one I didn’t see,
As clearly as I would like.

That moment,
A dear moment,
Casual in,
Wonderful in,

One such encounter.

Writing a storyesque poem, thinking back on a time, seemingly so long ago, meeting someone so nice,

So nice to talk to. By total accident. Total chance.

It helped me, for a while, escape from a bad situation, my mind become free. Such a casual, unusual, beautiful encounter.

One I truly miss.

Out of many memories of mine, it’s probably the one I miss most. It was casual, pure, unexpected, an escape for the both of us, I think, perhaps. For a time.

If there’s a memory, a time I could relive, I probably would choose that. Remember it so well, it brought a light to that whole weekend, when I felt lost.

Such a time, from one such chance encounter.