Moment in Perfection.

Moment in perfection,
That time,
A place crystalised in time,

A beautiful moment,
Divine memory,
Pure casual simplicty.

Messages at the end of the night.
The memory lingers,
A fight in my veins,
The memory,
Momentary perfection,
Casual times,
Nice times in the moment.
While also, in the passing.

A divine sunset,
Reminder of the morning rise.

Oh how whatever changes,
The memory stays,
A reminder,
A remnant,
Of the fleeting time.

Beauty in the moment,
Hoping it wont end,
So soon as it started.

Oh I remember.
Beauty in the time,
A good time.
One to keep no matter the change,
No matter where this world takes me.

Where I lead my path.

The beauty,
What a moment.
It reminds me.
Puts a path before me.

The briefest glimpse,
From a moment of perfection.

Writing this, can’t fall asleep. Feeling better writing this.

A reminder, a memory, pleasant time. One I can’t forget, won’t forget. No matter how far it fades. Always keeping it with me. True to me. Allowing me to be true, after so long.