For That One Good Time

For the all,
For that one good time,
For it all.

A final hurrah,
The moment as it passed,
As it stays,
Oh what the moment.

Getting to know,
Such a good time,
For that good time.

So much more left,
A world to find and discover.
To truly see.
Having truly seen.

A world of motivation.
Everything working out,
By my working it out.

The good time,
A cheer to the past.
For so much happened,
Happening and to be.

Living in the moment,
Relishing in existence.
With so much,
So many things,
Trials, opportunity, future.

A celebration of that one good time,
Of many,
The ones to come,
And all the more that follows.

Writing this, looking back on a very busy and tiring day, a great day, but tiring working long at work. Seeing good people, reminding me of much in my immediate future, plans, good people, so much more to it all.

It brings my mind back to my friend. One who’s going away, maybe we’ll stay in touch, I hope so, one who’s so amazing. We’ll see what happens over our summer, their amazing trip abroad.

So much, so good, just waiting and I in the moment working towards it. So much good is here, so many amazing people I have met, so many hardships faced that I can’t believe I’m still here, somewhat, surprised. Especially if I look back. Can believe how low I had been. Can’t believe, I managed to somehow weather it.

And that everything’s looking up. Spending a long night contemplating, happy. And with so much to look forward to!

Amazing people, atmosphere, an insecure immediate position but closer than before, and also gettig greater academic experience, potentially getting funding to go to academic environmental history and meteorological conferences, still very much in the unknown, but with greater aim, hope and networking.

More of an abstract poem encompassing many things from many parts of many aspects of my life in the money, future and past.

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